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PRO-LINE are the ideal company to choose if you are thinking about replacing your existing conservatory roof. We are experts when it comes to conservatory roofing materials, from polycarbonate sheets to lightweight roof tiles to tile effect metal sheeting. Our range of conservatory roofing sheets and tiles include those crafted by the best brands, such as AXIOME, Tapco and Britmet. These are all crafted to provide an affordable, durable and lightweight roofing system for your conservatory.

If you ever find your conservatory to be too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter you might want to consider having what is known in the trade as a 'warm roof' where we use lightweight roof tiles. A lightweight tiled conservatory roof offers a number of benefits, such as improved durability and less maintenance.
we offer a range of lightweight roof tiles which allow you to have a tiled conservatory roof without putting considerable strain on the structure of your conservatory.

If a tiled conservatory roof is out of your price range why not consider having us fit tough, thermally efficient polycarbonate roofing sheets onto your conservatory. These sheets are also very lightweight.We offer a range of polycarbonate conservatory roof sheets which prevent up to 98% of solar radiation and are available in multiple thicknesses, providing you with the exact level of thermal insulation you want. Polycarbonate sheets also offer a
warranty of up to 10 years.

Main properties of Polycarbonate sheets:

Very tough - Have impact resistance of up to 200 times that of glass
Thermally efficient – Polycarbonate sheet can achieve a U-Value as low as 1.2W/m2K
Different Thicknesses – They come in a wide range of thicknesses depending on spans and thermal performance requirements.With our range of finishes you can create the perfect environment for your conservatory
Lightweight – very light compared to glass and very easy to handle with a 10 year warranty on all sheets
UV resistant – 98% of solar radiation is prevented.
A range of tints means you can vary the amount of light that comes through your conservatory roof or how much privacy you would like when spending time in your conservatory.They have excellent fire performance.
Most conservatory roofs in the UK use a 25mm firewall because it offers the best insulating option as well as structure.

Main properties of Lightweight metal roof tiles:
They weigh as little as 7kg m2 which is lighter than glass and even some polycarbonate sheets, which your existing conservatory is designed for.We offer a wide range of profiles from Slate tiles, small plain tiles to profiled villatiles.
We are certain you can find a tile to match the roof on your existing property so your conservatory doesn’t stand out.
Our range of lightweight metal roof tiles are quieter than traditional tiles. There will be reduced transfer of noise from rain or hail.
Wide range of colours – you have a choice of colours available for each profile meaning your conservatory roof can look exactly how you want it.
Extremely fast to install - on average you only need 2.2 lightweight metal roof tiles per m2. Unlike slates where the average number of tiles per m2 are 22, with our lightweight metal tile range you can have a great appearance and fit the product 10 times faster, meaning you can enjoy your brand new conservatory roof even quicker.
40 year guarantee! Our range of metal tiles come with a 40 year guarantee and a 60 year life expectancy.
Virtually maintenance free. Breakages and repairs are now a thing of the past, the only thing you may need to do is clean the gutters.
Want a roof window? No problem at all, all major roof light manufactures have a special flashing kit designed for lightweight metal roof tiles.
Strong and durable. You can stand on these tiles and wash your windows. It’s also secure against vandalism and extreme weather.
Low pitch – certain profiles can achieve a pitch of 10 degrees. These are perfect if you have a low pitch lean to conservatory roof, or if you have height restrictions such as windows, extrusions or pipes.
Fire rated
No special fixing methods – simply install as you would do tradition tiles onto roof battens.
Cost effective – these products are high quality with excellent value for money as they will last 40 years plus.

Main properties of lightweight synthetic tiles
Authentic slate appearance which highlight the true characteristics of real slate – you would know the difference.
Lightweight – each slate only weighs 700g, on average they are weigh around 15.5kg m2.
Low pitch – they can be installed as low as 14.5 degrees. Very suitable for any conservatory roofs with height restrictions.
The plastic slates have a range of traditional colours- you will be sure to find the ideal colour for you.
40 year warranty – the synthetic slates have an excellent life span meaning you may never need to touch your conservatory roof again.
Very easy to fit. The lightweight plastic tile and synthetic tile range are a good choice for anybody who hasn’t installed roof tiles before. If you are a professional roofer then you can be sure to finish your customers conservatory roof in no time.
No breakages – synthetic slates won’t require you to over order for any breakages.
Environmentally friendly – most synthetic slates in this range are either made from recycled material or are recyclable.
Fire rated

Main properties of Lightweight tile effect sheets:

Low pitch – 5 degrees.
Made to measure only £33.40 per metre makes it a more cost effect than synthetic roof tiles.
Extremely tough and durable. Made form 0.9mm steel, you can run and jump all over the sheet without causing any damage.
40 year guarantee.
Wide choice of colours.
Perfect for lean to conservatory roofs or conservatory roofs fitted to bungalows.
Fastest product to install is it will be made to the exact length you need.
Traditional pantile appearance

PRO-LINE offer great value and quality when it comes to Conservatory Roofs and can help you when it comes to the choice of styles, sizes and colours to match your building and house.We advise and quote you a competitive price totally free of charge with no obligation to take up our offer.

Please enquire about what we can do for you and we can advise on what your options are regarding conservatory roofs.

PRO-LINE are also very skilled in installing and refurbishing all types of Conservatories. We have lots of different styles and colours to match your building or house.

Please enquire and we can advise on what your options are regarding quality conservatories.

We always advise you first of what your best options are and when we give you a FREE quote we include everything in the price-there will not be any hidden charge- GUARANTEED.

Please enquire and we can advise on what your options are.


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